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Article: 5 Creative Ways to Use a Flat Iron to Do Your Hair

5 Creative Ways to Use a Flat Iron to Do Your Hair

5 Creative Ways to Use a Flat Iron to Do Your Hair

You have your flat hair iron with you; check! If you don't know what else to do with your flat iron aside from straightening your hair, check! A flat iron has numerous features. Are you impressed? You can achieve an iconic vogue hairdo with nothing more than an old-fashioned flat iron. So, let's dive into the Creative Ways to Use a Flat Iron for Hair.

Our favorite flat iron works on all hair types and has plates that are smartly insulated, so they're never too hot to handle. With these simple instructions, you can master various unique flat iron hairstyles for black hair.

Top Creative Ways to Use a Flat Iron to Do Your Hair

You can use your flat iron to the fullest and flat iron to curl your hair. This one product can be handy in many ways; that's what our guide will portray.

1. Straightening

Take your parting from ear to ear and begin with the first piece at the rear, then move horizontally up to your parting. Take no more than two portions broader than the plate, sprinkle with heat protection spray, then comb through. Using the flat iron, make one calm, steady swipe from root to tip, following your comb. Tuck the ends in slightly to make it neat. Follow this tip to get flat iron styles for natural hair.

2. Vintage Waves

Work in large vertical portions away from your face. Starting at the root, slant your styler upwards and twist it at a 360-degree angle heading down. Do not even ruffle the waves. Instead, use a grooming brush or paddle brush with shine spray and brush the waves together to make one.

3. Crimped Waves

Braid random hair strands from crown to close, leaving a 1–2-inch root drag. Dry thoroughly after spraying a thin mist of hairspray. Squeeze the braid hard to smooth, moving up and down many times before letting it cool. Unwrap each braid and run your finger through it.

4. Mermaid Locks

For these trendy curls, start by creating braids (3x1)—one on every side and another on the back—and then place the braid over a flat iron and heat thrice gently to get flat iron hairstyles for black hair. Allow the braids to cool for four minutes. You'll have beautiful waves perfect for a Fairytale princess when you let them loose.

5. Resolve A Damp Hairline

Whenever you're rushing out the door after a morning workout and do not have time to fix or shampoo your hair. For a quick solution, use a flat iron on damp hair to make it look more acceptable.

Final Thoughts

Straightening your hair helps it seem smooth and frizz-free. While hair straighteners have altered at-home grooming, you may be shocked to learn that one product may solve the bulk of your day-to-day hairstyle concerns.

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