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Article: How Do You Curl Your Hair with A Flat Iron?

How Do You Curl Your Hair with A Flat Iron?

How Do You Curl Your Hair with A Flat Iron?

Hairstyles, like cosmetics and attire, are key parts of the personality. Even if we don't realize it, how we wear our hairstyle can reflect our personality. Curls have already been famous in pop culture since the 80s and 90s. The gorgeous blonde brunette locks drew out the perfection, and it was an international fashion leader. Curls are not all created equally. 

There's a style for almost every sort of curls style you can dream of—and a myriad of instruments to match it. If there is any tool you must have in your collection, it's a dear old friend flat iron – since it is handy for more than merely keeping your locks straighter. A flat iron, the master of all curl-creating crafts, is among the primary methods for creating a variety of spirals and making them flat iron hair.

How to Prep?

You must prepare your hair before mastering how to curl short hair or long hair with a flat iron to make them flat iron hair

  • Blow-drying hair evenly is the most fantastic method to prepare it for curling with a flat iron. 
  • Begin by using a softening shampoo and conditioner combo in the shower.
  • Spray a heat protectant after getting out of the shower. 
  • It's now time to blow-dry your hair! To simplify drying your hair, section it off and use a paddle brush for a smooth finish. 
  • When you're through doing it, you're ready to go to the following stage. That means you are now set to use your flat iron and learn how to curl long hair with flat iron.

How to Curl Your Hair with a Flat Iron?

The following steps will walk you through the steps you should take to get perfect curls from your handy item, Flat-Iron.

1. Make A Section in Your Hair

Start by dividing the hair into portions and working with a one-inch section at a time.

2. Go Over Each Part with Your Iron

As described above, you'll also learn how to curl short hair with each strand by gripping, twirling, and slowly sliding the flat iron down the hair shaft. Except you won't be combing your fingers or a brush over those curls to loosen them up this time. Instead, you should retain as much bounce as practicable.

3. Allow The Curls to Settle in Place

  • If your hair is naturally straight, try cupping each curled curl in your palm and keeping it against your scalp until it cools completely to set it. 
  • You may pin or clip each curl to your head to work on other portions while the early ones settle.
  • Clipping curls, while they are still hot and allowing them to cool clipped, will firmly set them, resulting in a maximal curl near the scalp. This is the finest approach to extend this appearance for someone with limp hair.
  • When your hair naturally maintains a curl nicely, you may be able to avoid pins for curl. 
  • Alternatively, curl each piece with the straightener, curling and spritzing with hairspray after or before, depending on your hair type.

4. Give It a Good Shake

Remove all pins or clips when each curled piece has wholly cooled. The curls should be bouncy and well-defined. Instead of using a brush or your fingers to create loose waves, give the head a quick shake to keep those voluminous tight curls in place.

5. Pull Out Your Finishing Spray

Spritz with volumizing spray at the roots and flexible hairspray to keep those voluminous curls looking clean all day.

How to Use a Flat Iron for Bouncy Curls

You may have attempted several tactics to curl your hair with the perfect tool but have struggled to achieve a single curl, or the curls don't look great. The key to bouncy curls is volume and smoothness. 

A flat iron, despite the name, is capable of much more than merely straightening your hairstyle, making them flat iron hair. This grooming instrument may also be used as a curling wand, generating everything from voluminous, bouncy curls to dreamy beach waves with an efficient approach.

Steps to Follow

  • Hold the iron upright, gently sloping away from the face, about one inch away from the root, and push down.
  • Half-twist the iron and turn away from the face.
  • Tension the hair and hold the ends while sliding the iron midway along the length.
  • Twist the iron again, turn away from the face, and slide the iron the rest of the way through with little stress.
  • For more bounce, repeat this method per strand, or use bigger pieces for a looser appearance.

How to Make Beach Waves with a Flat Iron?

Beachy waves are a natural celebrity style for a simple fact: they look fantastic on almost anyone because the carefree vibe compliments most hair and face types and ages. Following the guideline, you'll learn how to curl your hair with straightener beach waves.

C-Waves Beachy Hair locks

  • Part the hair in the front and separate it approximately an inch wide per piece of hair.
  • Make a "C" form from the root, with the softened curve towards the outside.
  • You may drag the flat iron a bit longer or shorter while creating the C-shape wave, based on the number of waves you want.
  • To make an "S," repeat this motion in another way.
  • Continue along the length of the hair until you reach the ends, which should be straighter.
  • Shake out the texture or sea salt spray with your fingertips.

Pin Curls Beachy Locks

  • Create a tiny vertical portion.
  • Twist the thread from roots to ends using your fingertips.
  • Form a pin curl using the twisted part.
  • Press down on the pin curl with a flat iron for four seconds, using plenty of stress to make them flat iron hair curls.
  • Continue until the entire head has been completed.

How to Use a Flat Iron for Polished Waves?

You may do the beach waves C-curl technique again, but make the 'C' shape broader, plumper, and rounder at the ends. Alternatively, use the following approach to add additional diversity to the waves.

  • Make a one-inch vertical section and bring the iron to the root.
  • Smooth the root downwards or move outward for extra volume.
  • Turn the iron away from the face and gradually draw down for approximately an inch and a half.
  • Make a little bend where the first wave ended, forming an extended "C." Make sure the rounded edge is on the inside, towards your face.
  • Follow these procedures down the length of your hair, finishing with rounded ends for a professional look.
  • Rake through the hair with a large-toothed comb or your fingers, then apply a light-hold hair spray and hair serum for gloss.

Final Thoughts

Curls are a new hip right now. Perfect, loose, bouncy curls effortlessly depict a subtle yet breathtaking look. Whether you've fought and ended in failure or never quite mastered the skill, this article will teach you how to curl long hair with flat iron.

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